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What to do in Lovina: Swim with Dolphins

Updated: Jan 24

Swim with Dolphins in Lovina

We decided to go to Lovina Beach which is on the north west side of the island. Grant remembered it being a nice area and wanted to go back. Me? I just want to see everything so I was definitely up for the 3 hour scooter ride over mountains and through the jungle. Sign Me Up! It was a beautiful trek. We saw the most amazing views going up the mountain rice terraces, and rooftops and jungle and monkeys. The drive down the other side of the mountain was steep with lots of hairpin turns. Thankfully, a man came up beside us and told us to go left when the road splits because it gets worse if you go right. I can't imagine what that looks like!

We made it safely and just before it started pouring rain! The next day we went to see the dolphins. This was a very cool experience. Our boat captain had breakfast for us which consisted of Banana pancakes, watermelon, and Bali coffee- which is coffee grounds and hot water in the cup. It's good coffee, but you only drink like 2/3 of it to avoid the coffee grounds. So we had breakfast and were looking for dolphins with all the other boats. You put on your snorkeling gear and hop in the water holding on to a rope attached to the boat so you can swim with dolphins. the captain then drives around getting closer to the dolphins. With your head underwater you can see the whole school diving down beneath the surface. It was incredible. On the way back we stopped at a reef to do some snorkeling. There were some beautiful fish and teeny tiny jellyfish that looked like sparkles.

If you are looking for more ideas of what to do in Lovina, You can go to some hot springs, checkout a really tall waterfall, go eat at my favorite restaurant and check out a Buddhist Temple!


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