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What to do in Lovina: Go to a Buddhist Temple

Updated: Jan 24

What to do in Lovina

The majority of the Balinese people are Balinese Hindu which is heavily influenced by the Indian Hindu tradition, But that does not mean that all the people are Hindu and while the majority of temples are Balinese Hindu places of practice The is a very Large Buddhist Temple just outside of Lovina and a short distance from the Banjar Healing Hot Springs. The Monastery is called Brahmavihara Arama. Its construction is a mix of old and new due to a large earthquake in 1976 leaving parts of the complex destroyed, but from destruction comes rebirth and this temple exemplifies that. Brahma means great/ noble Vihara means way of life and Arama means place. Essentially a place to practice a noble way of life. The temple offers meditation classes and a quiet space as well as mats to do just that which several people were making use of as we wandered the halls looking at the art depicting the life of Buddha. There were 2 large halls, one ceremony space and a small pagoda. Wandering the grounds was a truly peaceful experience.

If you are looking for more ideas of what to do in Lovina, You can go swim with Dolphins, checkout a really tall waterfall, go eat at my favorite restaurant and Swim in some Healing Hot Springs!


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Kevin Burke
Kevin Burke
Mar 05
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

All of the Bali posts are great. Make me want to go there.

Looking forward to hearing about the parades.


Jan 15
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

The Buddha wood carving is amazing. Peace and love.

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