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What to do in Lovina: Git Git Waterfalls

Updated: Jan 24

Well if you are anything like Grant and I you can't resist a good waterfall. Not even all the stairs leading down or the difficult climb back up can deter us from these beautiful wet wonders around the world. So we were in luck and while in Lovina we were able to check out a giant cascade. We decided to stop and check it out on our way out of town. As we arrived there was a slight drizzle and we thought we may need to make this pit stop quick. We descended down the stairs and all along the way vendors offered their wares. We would have gotten a really good deal on a sarong had we not already had three. We got to the bottom and were immediately overwhelmed by the awe inspiring view. Climbing over the rocks and sliding through the mud we reached the bottom of the fall and were surprised- for such an immense waterfall I had expected a large pool of water, however it was very small and the water continued to flow down in a steady stream.

As we admired this waterfall the rain came. We took shelter under a little shack with a tin roof and waited. This weather did not bode well for our trek over the mountain and back to Ubud. After about 15 minutes the downpour eased up and we quickly made our way back to the scooter stoping once to purchase some plastic ponchos, but we were already soaked. Donning our ponchos we hopped on the bike and took our time going up the mountain. The weather was bad and the ride was stressful to say the least, but we knew it wasn't letting up any time soon so on we went through flooded mountain roads and passed drenched monkeys playing in the rain. As we reached the top of the mountain we stopped for lunch. We walked into the warung looking like a couple of drowned rats and shivering uncontrollably ( I mean it was like 70 degrees and there was strong wind to accompany all the rain.) The server went back into her home (behind the restaurant) and returned with a blanket for us and then brought 2 cups of hot water to warm us up from the inside as well. We ate and enjoyed some warm drinks- Grant a latte and some ginger and lemongrass tea for me. We felt more like ourselves again and our clothes had gone from soaked to damp so it was time to move on. The rain was reduced to a drizzle again and we were hopeful that the last hour would be easier than the first. I fashioned two sarongs into jackets and we put them on under the ponchos to give a little more insulation and on we went. There was no more flooding in the streets and it was a pretty straight shot back to Ubud. For once, we were happy the air conditioning was off and the hot water was working.

If you are looking for more ideas of what to do in Lovina, You can go swim with Dolphins, checkout a delicious restaurant go to a Buddhist Temple and Swim in some Healing Hot Springs!


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