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What to do in Lovina: Go Out to Eat

Updated: Jan 24

What to do in Lovina

stir fried noodles

Well if you're anything like me you're going to enjoy a fancy dinner and that is exactly what we had at The 10th Table. I was really excited to have a fancy dinner of Belgian/French food because we had really been going for the Balinese cuisine.

For example, when we went out for lunch we ordered - A delicious Stir fried noodle dish with chicken and egg for Grant and I got a little adventurous with Tom Yum Goong a delicious and spicy seafood soup. I can say I've had shrimp and scallops before and I've had grilled octopus

Tom Yum Goong

but I haven't had squid or octopus cooked in a soup or scallops cooked in a soup, either. I was a little out of my element, but up for the new experience. So - I ate some squid. It was . . . chewy. I didn't hate it. I would have it

again. We had been enjoying a lot of curries and fried rices and I had been doing the majority of cooking most nights since we had a lovely out door kitchen in our AirBnB. Here in Lovina- no kitchen so going out was great!

So we went to The 10th Table for dinner. It was a beautiful restaurant with an outside, but inside environment which is pretty standard in Bali. by that I mean there might be walls, but they are vented planks of wood or bamboo or just some really tall plants going up to the ceiling (you gotta wear bug spray everywhere) They had really cozy seating with oversized chairs and booths and the menu was beautiful curated. For Appetizers I had Escargot served with chopped mushrooms in a lemon herb and garlic butter and Grant delved into an Onion soup served over a puff pastry filled with caramelized onions. Then for Entrees I had a Lamb Ragu Pasta and Grant enjoyed Boulettes Sauce Tomate also known as meatballs in marinara sauce. The ingredients were fresh and everything was cooked and seasoned to perfection. For dessert Grant had an Affogato and I had an interesting spin on a creme brûlée. I will say the presentation was awesome, but it wasn't the best creme brûlée I've had. It was such an enjoyable meal and a lovely evening.

If you are looking for more ideas of what to do in Lovina, You can go swim with Dolphins, checkout a really tall waterfall, go to a Buddhist Temple and Swim in some Healing Hot Springs!


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