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Getting to The Philippines

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Getting to the Philippines

Well getting to The Philippines took 36 hours, 3 trains and 3 planes later we landed in Bahol on the Island of Panglao. . . and It's downpouring!

As soon as we walk out of the airport a taxi driver appears infront of us. We realize we have 2 hours before we can go check in to our accomodations. So we ask the man to take us for food near the resort.

"Sure, Sure! I take you to Mcdonalds." He says.

"No!" Grant and I both say "We need good food!"

"Okay, I take you for good food," Jon the taxi driver says.

We pile our bags into the taxi and set off -Jon is explaining to us the amazing 10 hour excursion we can book him for and he will take us everywhere and wait for us the whole day for $4000 Peso, he will pick us up at 6:30AM to go Whale Shark Watching first thing tomorrow. We tell him not tomorrow we need to sleep tomorrow, but we will call him. (In all the time on planes and trains I was running on 4 hours of sleep and Grant about 7, getting up at 5:30 the next day for a 10 hour multi-excurssion adventure was not sounding like a fun time.) after a few minutes Jon points down a flooded alley way and says "your resort is right there, down the road." He makes a U-turn and parks in front of a little stand. It looks as if a garage had been turned into a kitchen and there were so many chickens being smoked on several spits. Jon obviously new these guys and he said he was hungry too as he helped the get a table and chairs for us set up in the front yard. However, the rain foiled those plans and next thing you know Grant and I are sitting in the middle of this garage/ kitchen taking up all the space as a little boy probably no more than ten chopped up a chicken and gave it to us with a pair of gloves each. (So we didn't get our hands dirty.) This place is definitely Fast food on Panglao. It took them minutes to prepare for us and minutes for us to consume.

Drenched, daized and sleep deprived we ate that delicious chicken in minutes. We said "Salamat!" (Thank you in Tagolog) and went to the convienence store to buy some water then slipped and slid down the alleyway to our accomodations.

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Kevin Burke
Kevin Burke
Nov 17, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Cool. I no longer think you are really in New Jersey. (Glad you got some sleep).

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