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Food in The Philippines

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Filipino Food

Panglao is a bustling Island full of tourists- it's a very popular vacation destination for Koreans and Europeans and I can completely see why, It's a tropical paradise with plenty to do and things to see.

Since the short term inhabitants of the island come from all over the globe, restaurant offerings include a wide variety of fares.

restaurant with people

Pizza is an incredibly common option. Everytime I've ordered one they were "out" of that one. (this statement confuses me - out of all the toppings that go on that particular pizza? or are they getting them premade and frozen? Either way I'm going to eventually try a pizza!)

Ever go into a restaurant and the menu is entirely too big? You wonder 'how are they doing all these different things and none of their food is going bad?' Menus are kind of like that including Breakfast all day! Authentic Fillipino! Pasta! Pizza! and of course, Seafood!

Back in the states that would make me nervous, but here- I'm going for the seafood and skipping the DiGiorno.

We have gone to an "Irish Pub" called Paddy's for dinner- They blast Flogging Molly & Dropkick Murphy's over the speaker, the girl's wear kilts & give every customer a free Shamrock shot. I had a hamburger and Grant got a bowl of chili that was SO SPICY we could only handle a couple bites. (we switched it out for Fish & Chips). Paddy's still offered several authentic food in The Philippines.

Another restaurant we have visited is called MaxCow - the poor waitresses all have to wear these cowprint tops. The food is delicious and they are constantly playing some old (Canadian?) tv show where and a man plays pranks on unsuspecting civilians- but back to the food!

The first dish is Marniated Yellow fin tuna cubes in coconut cream with vegetables ginger, garlic and chili. I was torn between that and the Yellow fin Tuna Tartare so I asked the waitress which is better she said this dish was better for her, but she wasn't sure for me. The chili was fresh, raw, and chopped up throughout the dish. So spicy, so good.

The second dish is a plate of sea scallops on the half shell. I've never seen them come like that! (we've ordered these twice now.)

And last but not least, Lumpia! Which is like a pork egg roll or taquito. Lumpia is to The Phillipines what Tacos are to Mexico or Pad Thai is to Thailand.

and these are from our first night here. Grant got Alfredo pasta and I had some spicy chicken fried rice. I'm learning there are chilis in pretty much everything. Last night we discovered a whole new row of restaurants offering food on Panglao, so stay tuned!

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Nov 25, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Being Eureka and eating at NORTHPOINT only makes it very hard for me to look at the diversity of foods without being super envious… but as usual, I like to torture myself. I would love this spice food! Renee Aka

Sir Jealousy From Lameville

Monica Beth
Monica Beth
Dec 01, 2023
Replying to

I am so enjoying ALL THE FOOD, but I would happily be drinking your special martinis and sharing some tator tots with you!

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