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Bohol Day Trips from Cebu: Tarsier Conservation Area

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

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So we were having coffee and discussing what w should do with our day. It was early and we checked the weather. It looked like possible rain on Bohol around 11am. We decided to make the trek to visit the Tarsier Monkeys.

a map of Bohol with the route to tarsier conservation area

An hour on a scooter is actually a real pain in the butt, and rush hour traffic happens all over the world. So bobbing and weaving with the flow of traffic is a pretty new thing to me, but Grant navigated everything seamlessly. It was a beautiful drive once we got out of Tagbilaran City. There were several little fishing villages as we drove along the coast and heading up into the mountains. We passed so many little produce stands and tarps laid out on the street covered in seeds drying in the sun. Chickens pecking away and running around wildly when you got too close. Cows and Goats tied up and grazing along the side of the road. Speaking of the roads, if they are paved, they are VERY well maintained. Way better then the roads state side.

Well we get to the Tarsier Conservation Center and take a little walk through. There are employees that point out the little monkeys because they can be kind of hard to see. People are taking photos of course and these little guys are just staring out into space.

All in all it was a great day trip to Bohol! W made this trip from Panglao, but this could easily be one of may great Bohol Day Trips from Cebu

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