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Best Things to do in Ubud: White Water Rafting

Best things to do in ubud: white water rafting

Everyday is an adventure, but today Grant and I wanted a more adventurous adventure so off we went to do some white water rafting. The Ayung River is the longest river in Bali, it's 68.5km long which is about 42.5 Miles and it's well known for its white water rafting, so if we are going to do some rafting we should do it while we are here. Not only is it a thrilling excursion, there are some beautiful views too.

So we went and met our fellow rafters and our tour guide at the rafting place.

Heading down to the river

They give us all our helmets and life vests and a paddle and we sit and wait, and sweat Because it've very hot and now we have helmets and vests and so it's even more hot. Our driver arrives and we all pile into the back of a truck and off we go through winding little streets until we reach our drop off point. there are other people there as well, just disappearing into the bushes. Off we went and down the steps. The steps were probably the most scary thing we've done. they were incredibly steep and hundreds of meters down. you couldn't see or even hear the river- it was all just tree tops.

When we got to the bottom we loaded into our raft and our guide Boom- Boom gave us some brief instructions. We had a ton of fun! The rapids weren't too rough and Boom- Boom and the other guides made the trip down the river even more fun by encouraging races and splash fights between rafts as well as just being generally silly. As we went down the river we saw some awesome carvings into the rock walls, a couple waterfalls, some temples and some fancy resorts. It was quite an invigorating way to start the day and one of the best things to do in Ubud.

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