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Best Things to do in Ubud: Waterfalls

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Exploring Ubud Waterfalls

Ubud is known for its many waterfalls. I'm talking a lot- I think I've seen that there are at least 25 waterfalls that you can go check out making this activity one of the best things to do in Ubud. Well, Grant and I love a good waterfall so off we went to find Tibumana Waterfall. It's about a 40 minute drive. As you go you head out of the main city into the outskirts there you see more roaming chickens, and dogs. Shops are still selling their beautiful handcrafted items, temples are still visible everywhere you turn and rice fields sprawl out on either side of the road.

As we headed to Tibumana we saw signs for I think three other waterfalls. We decided to stop at one of them, Taman Sari it's a waterfall and natural spring that made for good swimming. We paid the small entrance fee 10,000 Rupiah each (65 cents) and made our way down the stairs. The stairs split and you can follow one up towards the top waterfall giving a really nice view of the jungle and the falls below. Or you take the stairs down the rest of the way to hop in to the cool water and go for a dip. It was cool and refreshing and at the deepest point it's about 5ft. There were only a few other people there to enjoy the area, but not over crowded at all.

After a quick dip we toweled off and decided to continue down the road to our original destination- Tibumana Waterfalls. It was just 5 minutes further down the road. As we paid another 65 cent entrance fee we heard thunder rumbling in the distance, but the man at the entrance said not to worry so on we went strolling down a little road passed a couple warungs, a rice field, and a temple. Then down several flights of stairs and over a couple bridges made of bamboo to finally reach the waterfall. There is a small pool at the bottom that is open for swimming however they prohibit swimming into the waterfall and going into the cave next to it to avoid being hit by falling debris. This waterfall though a bit more crowded was definitely worth the drive. As we were admiring the cascading water we heard thunder again, it was getting closer and the sky was turning that slightly ominous blue grey that it gets before it's about to burst open.

We agreed to hightail it back to the scooter and off we went rushing to get back to home base before we got stuck driving in the weather.

If you would like to checkout the videos from our drive or the walk down the the waterfalls beside to go to the Video Library!

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