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Best Things to do in Ubud: The Art Market

Updated: Jan 3

Ubud art market

Bali is known for many things- silk fabric, skilled silversmiths, gorgeous batiking, intricate wood carvings, and Keliki miniature paintings since Ubud is the art and cultural center of the island going to the art market is the best things to do in Ubud.

The art market is a two story building with Vendors in little stalls displaying their goods. There are so many vendors with beautiful wares that they almost spill out of the building and cascade down little side streets all up and down the main road.

I have compiled here a list of things to help navigate all aspects of the Art Market.

  1. They do have parking! just for bikes. It's free and It's also where the garbage is kept until it gets picked up, so prepare yourself. Getting to the market if you don't have a scooter is easiest by walking or getting a ride.

  2. Look with your eyes not your hands. I always want to pick things up and look at them. I might not be interested in buying the item, but I just want to look at it. As soon as you touch something the stall owner will come over to begin the customary negotiations

  3. When you are ready to begin the negotiations please remember 100,000 IDR is $6USD also remember someone hand crafted the item. I say this because you want the best price, but you're not trying to rob them.

  4. Saying no is REALLY hard. Everyone is so kind and happy and begging you to take their trinkets.

Overall, it's a very fun experience and it's been around since the 1600s. It's changed a lot since then, but strolling through the market is still a Bali tradition you can't miss.

Grant and I have been several times now- it's kind of been a way to get out of home base on our lazier days and we have found some awesome souvenirs to take home. When we have gotten tired of the haggling and need a change in pace we just dart into one of the shops carrying products with price tags and sales people who are friendly, but leave you to do your shopping in peace.

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