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Best Things to do in Ubud: Silver Jewelry Making

Silversmith Class

Silver smithing is a huge part of Balinese culture. The art of silversmithing and jewelry making has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. Silver is believed to ward off evil spirits and is worn during rituals and ceremonies for this reason. So naturally we were curious about the process. Grant and I decided to take a jewelry class and learn a little bit about the art. we booked the class for 10AM which is earlier than we usually leave. When we arrive to the W.S. Art Studio we are greeted with flowers and guided to the workshop. The art studio is owned by Ayu and her brother- their father taught them the art and in turn they teach others at their studio.

We are instructed to design either a pendant or a ring and given paper and pencil. At this point we start thinking we should have done some prep work. Several minutes of scrolling through google images and we figured out our designs.

We were seated with a mother and daughter on holiday from New Zealand and we all enjoyed the scrumptious fried banana and pineapple offered to us. After much clipping, welding, filing, embellishing and polishing our pieces were finished. Definitely one of the best things to do in Ubud.


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