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Animals in the Philippines

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

When Grant and I decided to take this Seasonal position in Montana over the last summer we were provided housing which meant we weren't allowed to have and pets, this was kind of a bummer for us. We also had already started talking about traveling in the off-season, so getting a dog wouldn't be feasible. That being said I just decided any animal we saw was my pet. . . So I had a lot of cows and deer and horses and a baby goat for a minute.

Well, now, there are so many different animals in The Philippines. There are so many stray cats and they are so cute! At our last hotel there was a litter of like six kittens that were very sweet. One of them got their head stuck in an empty can of sardines and Grant helped it get free. Dogs are also seen roaming the streets and they are referred to as Aspen. Some of them look not so great, but most of them seem well taken care of. They are very smart and very friendly- probably mostly because they want your food, but I'll take it! We have also seen many cows tied to posts outside little convenience stands on the side of the road. Not like herds of them, but just one or maybe two. Our friend Bob told us that people keep them as family pets. We asked if they were kept for their milk and he gave us a funny look and said "no, the milk is for the babies." The same with goats in this area. There are also MANY chickens, but I do believe the owners eat the eggs since one of the locals delicacies is Balut. (Balut is a fertilized developing egg embryo that is boiled or steamed and eaten from the shell, It is commonly sold as street food. I do not intend on trying this.)

We just want to take the little black puppy and clean her up and take her home! I've named her Tu-tu (short for Talulah.) But alas, this world traveling lifestyle is not conducive for pets and we will not be returning with a little Aspen. So I am looking forward to all the new kind of pets I will have in Bali!

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