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Getting to JFK Airport

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Getting to JFK Airport

Well, if you are traveling from JFK airport then you know the journey begins when you figure out hot to get to JFK airport. Our flight departs at 4:45pm and we are eagerly waiting to board the plane.

We left this morning at 8:30am, my dear old dad gave us a ride to the train station in Wilmington, DE- it was leaving at 9:30, but we were not sure how rush hour traffic would be.- We were right on time. We took the train to Penn Station, from there you take the Long Island Rail Road to the Jamaica, Queens exit AND THEN you take the sky train to the airport and your terminal. Oy Vey!Grant's never been on a train before but in a matter of 3 hours he's been on 3!

Wilmington,DE ->NY,NY ->JFK -> SFO -> MNL -> TAG


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